Why Bartley Cavanaugh is the Best Course to Play in the Sacramento Heat

Is Bartley Really Able to Remain Cool Despite Scorching Sacramento Heat?


It’s true, Bartley Cavanaugh knows how to beat the heat and stay cool in these brutal temperatures. recent weather has caused golf courses in Sacramento to be 95 degrees or above for roughly 25 hours a week. But this heat has affected Bartley drastically less, as the course is 95 degrees or above for only 10 hours a week. Bartley is simply a cooler course with temperatures that are easier to tolerate. Book yourself a cool summer round today.

What Keeps Bartley Cooler Than Other Courses?

The Short answer is the Delta Breeze. The Delta Breeze can cool off the Valley extremely quickly, bringing temperatures from 100 on Saturday to 70 on Sunday. Unfortunately, Sacramento is not at a constant cool 70 because the Delta Breeze is not always around. But when is it around and why?

The Delta Breeze occurs because of the temperature differential between the Bay Area and the Valley. The warmer air in the Valley rises and the cool air from the Bay rushes inland, this is the atmosphere’s attempt to fix the temperature difference. But how does this affect Bartley Cavanaugh?

Bartley Cavanaugh feels a greater effect from Delta Breeze for two main reasons. First, it is simply closer to the Bay Area than most of Sacramento. This means the Delta Breeze hits Bartley Cavanaugh before it hits the rest of Sacramento, causing Bartley to cool off faster. Plus, Bartley is on the river which keeps the breeze from dissipating. This means the Delta Breeze is stronger and more concentrated when it hits Bartley Cavanaugh compared to other Sacramento Golf Courses. These two factors keep Bartley significantly cooler than other golf courses in the Sacramento Area.

If you want to feel the cooling effect of the Delta Breeze, book a summer round at Bartley Cavanaugh.