The Freeport Cup: Land Park Emerges as Champions

In a display of camaraderie and competitive spirit, the Freeport Cup made its long-awaited return in 2023. The annual event returned, on October 8th, featured 72 avid golfers hailing from Bing, Bartley, and Land Park. The tournament, steeped in tradition, triumphantly returned to the greens in 2016 after a remarkable run from 2002 to 2016.

The Ryder Cup-style tournament was hosted at the scenic Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course, creating a fun atmosphere for both participants and spectators alike. With golfers divided into three evenly matched teams of 24 players. The competition was fierce, and the players brought their A-game.

The final results of the tournament were as follows:

  • Land Park: 27 points
  • Bartley: 23.5 points
  • Bing: 21.5 points

Land Park emerged as the triumphant champions, showcasing their skill and teamwork throughout the event. Their impressive performance secured their place in Freeport Cup history, and their dedication to the sport was evident to all who watched.

The Ryder Cup format, with its emphasis on team dynamics, created an exciting and unique golfing experience. Each team represented their club with pride, and the camaraderie displayed on the course was a testament to the spirit of the Freeport Cup.

As the sun set on Bartley Cavanaugh Golf Course on October 8th, it was evident that the Freeport Cup had recaptured its rightful place in Sacramento. The organizers and participants have earned accolades for resurrecting this celebrated competition. We anticipate the Freeport Cup thriving and continuing to inspire the next generation of golfers for years to come.